X10 Cybernetics
(Name Is Tentative)

X10 = The Technology Of Sending Command And Control Information Over House Wiring.   This Is An "Industry Standard" Methodology For Superimposing Data On Top Of 120 Volt House Wiring And Has Been Used For Many Years.  Each Switch Or Control Unit Has A Settable "House Code" And "Unit Code" To Identify Them.  Typically, An Existing Wall Switch Is Replaced Or A New Switch Is Installed.  That Switch Normally Has A Built-In Dimmer And Can Be Controlled At The Switch Or From Any Compatible X10 Controller, Whether It Be A Timer (Clock), Motion Sensor, Keychain Remote, Or Sophisticated Computer Software.

Switches Can Also Be Plugged Into Normal Outlets And Then Lamps Or Appliances Plugged Into Them So They Can Be Controlled Remotely.

These Signals Are Absorbed By Some Electronic Equipment Such As Computers and Surge Protectors And Some Is Absorbed By Each Module Installed.  Signal Amplifiers Or Repeaters May Be Required Depending On Your Installation.

Buildings Are Normally Wired For 220 Volt Service, Which Is Split Into Two 110 Volt Circuits.  X10 Signals Will Not Normally Cross From One Circuit To The Other Without A "Bridge" Of Some Type.  Care Must Be Taken When Planning For X10 Devices That They All Be Placed On The Same Circuit Or That A Bridge Is Installed.  X10 Signals Travel Throughout Your House And As Far As The Utility Transformer Provided By Your Electric Company.  It Is Likely That Several Buildings May Be Fed From The Same Transformer.  Therefore, It Is Essential To Select A "House Code" That Does Not Interfere With A Neighbor Who Is Also Using This Technology.  Other Appliances Can Generate "Electrical Noise" On Your House Wiring Which Can Interfere With The X10 Signals.  Filters Are Available To Eliminate These Problems.


X10 Wireless Cameras Use Switched Power Supplies To Turn The Cameras On And Off.  The Power Supply Plugs Into A Standard Electrical Outlet And Into A Camera...Each Power Supply Must Have A Unique "House Code" And "Unit Code."  Only One Camera Can Be Active At A Time (Per Receiver), So When One Camera Is Turned On, All The Others Are Automatically Turned Off.  The Video And Audio Components Of The Camera Are Sent To A Receiver Which Is Connected To A TV Monitor Or Computer System Or BOTH.  That Signal Is In The 2.4 Gigahertz Range And Can Be Expected To Work Up To 100 Feet Away From The Receiver, Although We Have Systems Working Over 200 Feet Away.  Similar To The Technology Used By Many Wireless Phones, These Signals Easily Travel Through Walls.

Wired Cameras Are Also Available For Secure Applications.


Insteon Is A Relatively New Architecture Developed By Smarthome Technologies.  These Devices Use A Radio Signal In The 900 MHz Range To Communicate.  They Typically Also Include X10 Technology, So They Can Be Mixed  With Strictly X10 Devices.  To Our Knowledge, Only Smarthome Devices Incorporate This Technology At This Time And The Number And Variety Of Devices May Be Limited.


BE AWARE That, As With Any Wireless Technology Such As Cell Phones, Wireless Phone, Baby Monitors, Etc., The Signals Are NOT SECURE And Care Must Be Taken When Planning For An Installation.  We Do Offer Wired Cameras For More Secure Applications..


A More Complete Description Will Come Later With Pictures And Examples And A More Pleasing Appearance.

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