Protector Plus Voice Dialer

This is the basic wireless alarm system.  The unit plugs into an electrical outlet and into a telephone line and receives radio frequency signals from various sensors.  When an intrusion is detected by any window or door sensor or by a motion detector, and the system is armed, the Protector Plus sends control signals through your existing house wiring to X10 modules located anywhere in your house.  The unit contains a built-in siren but can also control a very loud siren located anywhere inside or outside your building.  As with all X10 devices, the remote siren (not included) simply plugs into an AC outlet.

When the Protector Plus Voice Dialer is triggered by a door or window sensor, motion sensor, panic button, or any other monitored condition, it sounds a powerful 85dB siren, flashes lights, and calls up to 4 phone numbers - be it your own cell or work phone, your family, neighbors or friends. It then plays a "security alert message," that you've recorded yourself, telling the receiver what to do. If the first number doesn't answer, it calls the next, and so on, until someone answers - and it's not fooled by answering machines. Once someone is reached, they can listen in to your house directly through a microphone in the Protector Plus Voice Dialer.
  They may hear voices, your dog barking, the sounds of a burglar rummaging through your personal belongings, a smoke detector, or anything unusual.


No Monthly Monitoring Fees
With the Protector Plus Voice Dialer, you do not have to pay a monthly monitoring fee - and you still receive great protection and security because you do it yourself.  Who cares more about your property than you do?  Some monitoring companies can listen inside your home - do you really want someone else listening in?  You must check with your local law enforcement agencies and insurance companies, but you should not have to pay for alarm system permits, and some insurance companies may offer discounts.

Rapid Emergency Response
nstead of a costly monitoring company attempting to call you before doing ANYTHING and THEN calling the police, the person receiving the call (most likely YOU) is notified IMMEDIATELY and can call the police and/or a neighbor who can be watching, getting vehicle license numbers, etc.,  before the police get there.

Protection While Home and Away
The Protector Plus allows for the normal armed-protection for when you're away, but also for when you're in your house. In the home mode, the motion detectors are turned off while the door and window sensors remain active. Thus, you can walk around your house and still be protected at all times.


X10 Home Security Systems - Buy From Us Or Directly From The Manufacturer

Motion Sensor

The Motion Sensor

Designed to work with X10 Security Systems,  this battery-operated motion detector vigilantly stands guard looking for activity. When its heat-sensitive infrared sensor detects motion, this unit wirelessly activates the security system's siren and starts flashing lights. Only ONE sensor is included;  additional units are $25.00 each.
Door & Window Sensor

The Door/Window Sensor

This magnetic contact closure works with any X10 Security System. When a door or window is opened, interrupting the magnetic-contact closure, the Door/Window Sensor will signal any X10 Home Security Console wirelessly, alerting your system of the intrusion. Each sensor is self-checking to ensure professional reliability.  Only ONE sensor is included;  additional units are $25..00 each.
Security Remote

The Powerhouse Security Remote

Used to arm or disarm the system, this talented remote also controls lights and appliances with optional X10 modules.
  • Arm your X10 security system in "home" or "away" mode.
  • Panic button for instant alarm! On/off & dimmer light controls!
  • 100 foot radio frequency range
Keychain Security Remote

The Keychain Security Remote

Arm and disarm your X10 Security Systems with the press of a single button! Includes ON/OFF and panic buttons for immediate life-saving results. Also has lighting and home automation controls. Offers a 40-foot radio frequency range.   Additional units are $25.00 each.
Lamp Module

The Lamp Module

Controls your plug-in lamps from across the room or from the other side of the house or from your alarm system! Incandescent lights can be dimmed too, even if they don't normally.  Plug the lamp into the Lamp Module and plug the Lamp Module into any normal wall socket it's that easy! This device is ideal for controlling nearly any lamp in your entire home.

Halogen and Fluorescent bulbs can not be used with this unit;  other units are available without dimming.

Other modules can be substituted or added to control devices other than plug-in lamps.  Possibilities include wall switches, inline switches, and appliance modules to control floodlights, ceiling lights, porch lights, etc.


These counters are for internal use only and are reset several times each day: