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X10 = The Technology Of Sending Command And Control Information Over House Wiring.
Cybernetics = The Science Of Communications And Control In Animals And Machines.

This Is A New Company And A New WEB Page, Both Currently In The Concept Stage!
While The Cat's Tail Is Wagging, We Are Offering Extra Low, Introductory Prices While We Build Our WEB Site.  Send Us An E-Mail Telling Us What You Want To Accomplish And We Will Provide A Custom Quote.  X10Cybernetics@TeleHobbies.com

What We Do:

Why Buy From Us:

  • Our Prices Are Competitive With Other Internet Sources.  The Prices We May Show Are Individual Prices And May Be Significantly Less When Purchased In Quantity  Or In Combination With Complete Systems.

  • Even Though This Is A New Venture, We Have Been Using And Installing X10 Systems For Nearly Twenty Years!

  • We Stock Many Of The Most Popular Items Or Can Deliver Them To You In About Three To Five Business Days.

  • We Install What We Sell.  We Can Also Install Certain Equipment If You Do Not Buy It From Us.

  • Most Simple Wireless Systems Are Easy To Install Involving Only Plugging In The Units And Setting Device Codes (Addresses) On Each One.  More Complex Systems Require Special Equipment To Configure The Devices And An Intelligent Implementation Design.  When We Install The Equipment, We Provide You With The Configuration And We Keep Copies For Future Reference.

  • Any Custom Software Developed By Us Will Use Very Common Languages And Will Be Well Documented So Someone Else Will Be Able To Maintain Or Modify The Software In The Future. If Necessary.

  • Manufacturers Tend To Neglect Certain Facts When Selling And Advertising Their Products.  You Find Out After You Make The Purchase And Then Cannot Make Them Work.  For Example, They Advertise A Device That Turns Your VCR On To Record Only Motion.  What They Do Not Tell You Is That It Is Controlled By A Radio Frequency (RF) Signal From A Motion Sensor Which Must Be Close To The VCR.  Therefore, If You Have A Camera And Motion Sensor Inside Your Garage, The Camera Will Turn On, But The VCR May Not.  We Know How To Solve These Situations!

  • We Keep Track Of Your Warranty Information And Handle Replacements Ourselves Rather Than Asking You To Return A Defective Item To The Manufacturer And Waiting For Them To Mail You A Replacement.  Many Items We Stock Can Be Replaced The Same Day, Keeping Your Security System Alive.

  • Rather Than Paying A Monthly Monitoring Fee To Alarm Companies, Our Systems Can Call You On Your Cell Phone Or Pager And Can Send You An E-Mail If An Intruder Is Detected.  You Can Then View Your Property Via The Internet And Then Call The Authorities If You Choose.  Camera Activity Can Be Recorded On Your PC, Posted To A WEB Site, Or Sent To You In An E-Mail, And/Or Can Be Recorded On A VCR Or DVD Recorder When Triggered.

  • Most Communication Between Us Is By E-Mail So We Both Have Documentation Of Our Conversations.  Phone Support Is also Available

  • For Complex, Computerized Systems, We Can Make Minor Configuration Changes From Our Office That You Can Download, Usually For No Additional Cost.  We Also Keep Configuration Files That You Can Download In The Event Yours Stop Functioning.

  • Complex Installations May Require Additional Equipment Such As "Bridges" And/Or Filters Which You Would Have To Purchase And Try, To See If They Resolve A Problem.  Our Professional Installer Will Have These Devices With Him When He Installs Your System And Can Determine If They Are Necessary With No Additional  Costs For Testing (Does Not Include The Cost Of These Devices If It Is Determined They ARE Necessary.)  We Also Have X10 Test Equipment For Measuring Signal Strength, Etc.

  • We Are Also Testing A Facility That Will Allow Video From Your Cameras To Be Displayed On Your Cell Phone Or Personal Data Assistant (PDA).!

  • Many Local Police Departments Are Changing Their Policies On Responding To Automated Burglar Alarms, Wanting To Charge Large Sums Of Money To Respond To  False Alarms Or Refusing To Respond At All, Unless The Property Owner First Verifies That It Is Not A False Alarm.  With Our Surveillance Systems, You May Be Able To Verify A Burglary In Progress And Call The Police Yourself, Saving Valuable Time And Police Department Fees.  You Must Check With Your Local Authorities To Determine If This Qualifies As A "Verified Response" Requirement In Your Area.

  • We Are Available To Install X10, And Similar Systems Purchased Elsewhere, But There Is No Guaranty That The End Result Will Work, And You Are Completely Responsible For Warranty Issues Related To Your Purchases.


Service Area: 

To Be Refined, But Generally Anywhere In  Dallas, Hunt, Rockwall, Kaufman, Collin, and Rains Counties.  Further For Larger Systems!



Since This Is A New Venture, We Need Personal References For Installed Systems And May Be Willing To Offer Deep Discounts In Exchange For Your Cooperation In Discussing Your Experience With Us!  Most References Would Be By E-Mail And At Your Convenience.  We Are Confident That You Will Enjoy Working With Us And You Are Free To Copy Us On Any Correspondence Or Not.  Eventually, We Will Have Pricing On Line, But Initially, Just Send Us An E-Mail Describing What You Want To Do And What Your Thoughts May Be.  We Will Respond Quickly, Usually In Much Less Than 12 Hours With Some Suggestions, Questions, And/Or Prices.  Serious Inquiries Only, Please, System Designs Require A Lot Of Thought And Planning.  An Initial Contact Form Is Being Developed That Will Eliminate A Lot Of Questions But, For Now, Just Send An E-Mail To:  X10Cybernetics@TeleHobbies.com And Watch For A Quick Reply.  Don't Be Shy, Just About Anything Is Possible And You May Be Very Surprised By The Low Cost!



These Are Just A Few Preliminary Examples To Get Started.  Future Examples Will Include Links To Other Pages Showing The Components Required And Approximate Costs.

  • Weather Systems:  See http://www.telehobbies.com/weather and  http://www.telehobbies.com/weather/radar.asp For Examples Of Our Own Private Weather Station Implementations.  Some Of The Most Sought-After Information On The Internet Is Weather Information.  Having A Weather Station At Your Place Of Business Can Attract New Customers.
  • Most Simple - You Need A 3-Way Light Switch So You Can Turn A Light On When You Enter A Room From One Door And Turn It Off When You Leave By Another.  Adding Another Switch And The Wiring Between Them Can Be Very Expensive.  We Can Install A Wireless 3-Way Switch With No Cutting Of Your Walls Or Running Of Wires For As Little As $25.00, Depending On Your Location, And/Or Other Work Performed.
  • Simple Camera - A Camera At Your Front Door Can Be Monitored On Your PC Or On Any Or Multiple Televisions In Your Home.  Cameras Can Be Stationary Or Mounted On Pan-And-Tilt Platforms So You Can Change Your View At The Press Of A Button.  Tripod Mounts With Battery Packs Are Available For Temporary Installations (...Want To See Who Has Been Digging In Your Trash At Night?)
  • More Complex - Multiple Cameras Can Be Mounted Anywhere Around Home...Inside The Garage, In The Driveway, In Each Room In Your House Or Place Of Business.  When Motion Is Detected In Any Area, THAT Camera Can Be Turned On As Well As Lights Just In That Area Or All Around Your House, Inside And Out.  A Remote Keypad Inside Your Car Or On Your Keychain Can Turn On And Off These Same Lights.  An Alarm Can Be Sounded Inside Your Building Or Anywhere You Choose.
  • Complex - You Get To Work And You Can't Remember If You Turned Off The Coffee Pot, Space Heater, Or Lights, Or If You Closed The Garage Door.  You Can Connect To Your Home Via The Internet And Turn On Or Off Any Compatible Switch In Your Home Or Look Inside Your Garage Through One Of Your Cameras And Close The Door.
  • Business Applications - You Could Have Cameras Record After Hour Activities, Such As Cleaning Crews That Work After You Leave.  Cleaning Crews Frequently Have Authorized Access To Your Place Of Business, But Now You Can Record EXACTLY What They Do And When They Got There And When They Left.  You Can Even Watch Them And Listen While They Work.  You Can Also Have Your System Call Your Cell Phone And Notify You Of An Intrusion.  You Can Then Use The Internet And Your Cameras To Look Around Inside Your Place Of Business Before The Police Arrive Or Before You Call Them.  This Is Also Beneficial If You Have A Separate Business Location On Your Property Or A Shop In Your Garage.  Rather Than You Responding To A Burglar Alarm In Your Detached Building Or Garage And Being Met By A Frightened "Armed And Dangerous" Criminal, You Can Trigger A Silent Alarm, Look Inside Your Structure From Your Bedroom Or Any TV In Your House And Call The Police And Let THEM Deal With The Criminal!

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