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These weather pages are constantly being enhanced to provide as much up-to-the-minute data as possible affecting the Rockwall and Hunt county areas.  This data is provided TO weather enthusiasts BY weather enthusiasts for no personal or business gain.  There is NO ADVERTISING, NO POPUPS, NO SYPWARE, NO SOFTWARE to download, and NO COOKIES associated with this data.  We do not collect, market, or sell E-Mail addresses to anyone, nor do we send junk mail or spam, as many WEB based weather services do.  Our pages are designed to work with most current browsers with no add-ins required (except as noted below).  Current data is uploaded every FIVE minutes to our WEB sites and EVERY FOUR SECONDS to The Weather Underground;  graphic data is updated every half hour.  We have been monitoring and collecting local weather data since 1990!

We provide TWO Weather WEB sites:

  1. - for users with high speed internet connections, although it also works with very low speed, dial-up connections, but it may take a few minutes to completely download.  This page contains practically all the weather information we monitor, including 24 hours graphs, forecasts, area lake levels, hurricane tracking when there are active hurricanes, watches, warnings, and advisories from the National Weather Service (NWS), air quality measurements, pollen forecasts, current radar images, observations from other LOCAL private weather stations, and much more.

  2. - for ALL speed users - contains the most current data we have, including animated radar and information from other private area weather stations, up to date NWS information, storm damage reports for the local area, and more.  This page updates automatically, every five minutes.  During adverse weather, a map of counties under watches and warnings may be included...not included to save upload and download times.

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The Weather Station
Anamometer The weather stations are Davis Instruments Weather Monitors located on private property near Interstate 30 and Farm Road 36 near Caddo Mills. FORMERLY, the main station was located in Rockwall. The software is a combination of Davis WeatherLink, Ambient Software's Virtual Weather Station, InterWARN (by Storm Alert, Inc.), The Weather Underground, and many other components developed by TeleHobbies, Inc.

Every 5 minutes, the system obtains the latest information from the Greenville METAR site, uses it to construct the WEATHER ICON, Cloud Height, and Visibility and then uploads ALL the information to the Internet. With the exception of Cloud Height and Visibility, all information is as observed on our weather stations.

Although the weather stations are fully NOAA compliant and NIST certified, the observations presented here are for personal use only.

We currently also update The Weather Underground ( and WeatherForYou,/Hamweather (, and will soon be updating APRS.   We report our rainfall totals to NBC channel 5 after each rainfall.  When you see Caddo Mills listed on their Weather Watcher reports, it is normally from this station.


The Weather ICON
Current Conditions In Rockwall, Texas This ICON displays the current conditions in the area with the current temperature imbedded. The graphic is generated every fifteen minutes based either on the National Weather Service METAR site in Greenville, Texas, or, if the station is manned and conditions do not agree with those reported by Greenville, based on local observations. The temperature is always as observed on OUR weather stations. The ICON also changes from daytime to night based on sunrise and sunset times.
Moon Phase
The Moon Today This graphic is generated every half hour and shows what the moon should look like RIGHT NOW based on the 28-day moon cycle. The number represents where in that cycle we are. At times the display may appear blank near the beginning and end of the cycle because the moon is not visible at that time.
Visual Observations
The times shown are adjusted to reflect actual times in the Caddo Mills - Rockwall area.
Sky Conditions:These observations are as reported by the National Weather Service METAR station at Greenville Airport and include descriptions such as "Light Rain", "Fog", "Mist", "Clear:, etc.
Visibility::These observations are as reported by the National Weather Service METAR station at Greenville Airport and indicate the number of miles a person "should" be able to see.
Cloud Height:These observations are as reported by the National Weather Service METAR station at Greenville Airport and indicate the number of feet to the bottom of the clouds. This distance is usually observed and reported by local pilots. The number is provided in "K feet", or THOUSAND FEET. A reading of --  indicates clear skies. 

National Weather Service WATCHES And WARNINGS
This information is obtained from the National Weather Service every five minutes.

"Typical" Indicator
Left Pointer = Current; Right = High And Low This is a "typical" indicator that shows the current value in the box at the bottom and the high and low values since midnight on the right pointers.  The arrow at the bottom left indicates whether the condition is on the rise, falling, or steady. During the winter months, WIND CHILL is displayed; during the summer, HEAT INDEX is displayed.  

The graphic uses a COLOR SPECTRUM and changes colors based on current conditions. During winter months, WIND CHILL is displayed; in summer months, HEAT INDEX is displayed.  WIND CHILL is computed using the method revised in 2002.

Rain Gauge
Rainfall Since MIDNIGHT Rain since midnight. This graphical representation of a rain gauge shows the amount of rain recorded for the current day. It is automatically "emptied" at midnight.  We also use TWO typical, glass rain gauges, and we compare all three after each rain to ensure the data we report is accurate.  If our weather station should go down, we continue to collect rainfall data.
Wind Direction And Speed
Zero MPH At Center, Max At Outer Ring This is a "scatter chart" of wind direction and velocity. The pointer indicates the direction the wind was blowing at the time indicated as "Updated At:" at the top of the page. The yellow dots indicate the directions the wind has been coming from for the last several hours. Dots near the center indicate near zero miles per hour; dots near the outer ring indicate speeds near 25 miles per hour.

National Weather Service Radar Loop
National Weather Service Animated Radar From The Last 45 Minutes We provide this image because you can see at a glance if storms are approaching Rockwall. If you see storms approaching, you can select full-screen mode to get a better picture. In this mode, the image on your screen is updated every few minutes, which should pick up any updates made by the National Weather Service. The time span is the last 45 minutes.

7-Day Forecast
The Seven-Day Forecast as provided by The Weather Underground. Links to several area forecasts are also provided, including the Weather Underground and WeatherForYou and HAMWeather.

NBC5 weather forecasts are provided, but are usually only updated once or twice per day.

Temperature Over The Past 24 Hours: Temperature On Left, Time At Bottom Typical graphs. These show a graphical representation of the condition shown (temperature, wind chill, wind speed, etc.) for the past 24 hours. Time is displayed across the bottom of the graph using the 24-hour clock..

Location Of Weather Station Near Caddo Mills:
Longitude:9611.230''' Latitude 3301.200'" Elevation: 474 feet

Updated Every 5 Minutes
End Of Observations Near Caddo Mills, Texas, USA

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