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NOTE:  This page is currently being adapted from the AKE WEB Site to more accurately describe this product for the US market.
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AKE Bluetooth Helmet Connector for Harley Davidson with 7-pin. Helmet socket, suitable for Bluetooth helmets with Hands-Free Profile (HFP).  Specifically, AKE 201 headsets, Sena, and Cardo will be supported by TeleHobbies.  Most other headsets "should" work, but we have no test bed to test with.

Bluetooth connection to the bike's intercom or to the newer BoomBox!

Is your Harley Davidson intercom is still working with cable helmet sets? No problem, with this Bluetooth Helmet Connector from AKE you can make your wired helmet connection of your Harley Davidson intercom Bluetooth capable. All other functions of your motorcycle intercom, e.g. radio, navigation, two-way radio, mobile phone, etc. can therefore be used without cables. Bluetooth operation either in duplex or stereo. Switching Duplex / Stereo either by pressing the button at the Bluetooth Helmet Connector *. After activating both devices a signal in Duplex mode is transmitted to the helmet.

To use all modes, we recommend a Bluetooth helmet with hands-free profile (HFP) and stereo audio profile (A2DP) such as our Stealth Bluetooth Helmet Set 201. If you do not have a Bluetooth helmet, we recommend our ready paired Bluetooth Helmet Extension Set for Harley Davidson, Part No.: 31455.

Bluetooth connection to partners on other motorcycles

The range of the Bluetooth connection for the Bluetooth Extension Set is, depending on installation, approx. 200 m (free field). Therefore, it is possible to add a partner who is driving another motorcycle, and an installation of an intercom on the second motorcycle would not be necessary! Only requirement is that both motorcycles are driving approximately with the same speed. Thus, all functions of the Harley Davidson intercom can be used at the second motorcycle.

Invisible installation

The Bluetooth Helmconnector as build-in version comes with a separate control button. This control button can be mounted in place of the helmet socket. The Bluetooth electronics disappears under the respective cover and is there connected to the loose helmet-socket. The power is provided through the 12V on-board power supply.

*) System-induced, a simultaneous transmission in Duplex and Stereo is not possible with Bluetooth connections.